40 years

Emmanuel Cohen – Chief Executive:
2017 is a special year for me. On January 6th, I celebrated 40 years in the industry. It has certainly been a roller coaster of a time. Always interesting, never boring. And guess what folks, I’m still at it. Am I successful? Well, life has taught me that the most important thing is family followed by friends. So if success is measured by that, then yes, I have been very lucky. I have an amazing family, great friends and many fun and interesting acquaintances. Business is always a challenge and it is coping with the unforeseen and overcoming the challenges that is the secret of success. It is a bit like bobsleigh driving, don’t worry about the last corner, prepare for the next. Bring it on!!

I was at an event a few weeks ago, chatting to one of our largest and longest standing business information customers, a top six accounting firm. We were discussing the fact that they had stuck with us for nearly 20 years and they said to me, “You know what Manny, you always deliver.”

That was great to hear since it is our 20th year as an online web company data base. At aRMadillo we devote ourselves to delivering to our clients, striving to be their leading supplier of business and financial information. To find out how we can help you to source UK or international company documents and reports please contact us.

Also this month I am pleased to welcome our new Sales Director to aRMadillo. Nigel Dickinson has been in the company information industry since 1984, with 30 years experience at Dun & Bradstreet in a variety of operational, marketing, sales and senior management positions. Since leaving D&B he has broadened his experience in the industry with consultancy and interim positions at Context4, Key Note and Caterlyst. I am sure Nigel will be a valuable addition to the aRMadillo team. You can contact him at nigel.dickinson@armadillo.co.uk or 07595 779 651.

Happy New Year to you from all at aRMadillo Business Information. We wish you a successful and prosperous 2017 and look forward to supporting you in your success wherever possible.

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