Interesting times!

Another year.. another anniversary and plenty of industry change.

Forget UK and EU Brexit woes, US trade tariffs, China and Russia presidents for life. For most of us, especially in regulated industries, a raft of legislation has meant an absolute headache for most businesses.

This has meant the rise of the Regtech. Yes, in Armadillo’s 21st year, the industry has finally caught up with us! We’ve been supplying and assisting firms in confirming regulatory information for years and now the industry has rebranded.

Many of the KYC, AML and DD rules have been around for years, but now the regulators are enforcing with vigour worldwide and everyone is (rightly) concerned. So now this year we will be launching many solutions to assist the beleaguered and battered regulated firms, especially the smaller ones that need the most assistance without being able to afford the cost.

Armadillo Compliance is our new start-up, bringing into easy focus all the different types of data, documents and regulatory assistance that we have been doing for many years. So watch this space for some cool product launches from us at Armadillo, a true Regtech and forefathers of the london and Shoreditch tech revolution!